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Male Pattern Baldness

What causes hair thinning/hair loss in Men?

Hair Thinning and Hair Loss in Men can be linked to a variety of causes. However, in the majority of men, it is attributed to a genetic condition that results in DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a naturally occurring hormone to initiate a process known as follicular miniaturisation.

Follicular Miniaturisation is a process whereby the hair follicles (cells responsible for hair production) on the horizontal plane of the scalp begin to reduce in size (shrink). As the hair follicles deteriorate, they become less efficient and subsequently less productive. Typical healthy hair follicle produces multiple healthy hair strands, the deterioration results in multiples hairs turning into singles, healthy thick hairs transform into weak, fine hairs, this appears as hair thinning. Eventually, with continued and prolonged exposure to DHT the hair follicles cease to produce hair at all and enter a phase of permanent dormancy, resulting in baldness.

This common type of loss in Men is referred to as Male Pattern Baldness and can be categorised into a variety of patterns but is not limited to the most common as seen below:

At FUE Clinics we are not only able to restore hair which has been lost as a result of male pattern baldness with hair transplant surgery. We are also successfully treating the cause of this thinning process and preventing hair from thinning. Either to begin with, if treated early enough and prevent it thinning beyond its current state.

Anti-Androgen Therapy works by inhibiting your bodies ability to produce DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT (dihydrotestosterone) production is the result of a chemical reaction between the alpha-5 reductase enzyme and the male hormone testosterone. The antiandrogen therapy inhibits the alpha-5 reductase enzyme and prevents the chemical reaction from occurring resulting in the suppression of DHT production. This enables the hair follicles that are affected to flourish once again.

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