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What is the Average FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

Close up photo of clean healthy man's hair without furfur

Close up photo of clean healthy man's hair without furfur

The number of hair transplants has increased by 76% between 2006 and 2014.

The majority of those who receive hair transplants are men.

People have been getting hair transplants since the 1950s, though as with most things, technology has improved a lot since then.

If you’re interested in getting a hair transplant, one thing that might be holding you back is the fear of the hair transplant cost.

In this article, we’ll go over what exactly a hair transplant is and how much you should expect to spend on one.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is when a doctor takes hair from other parts of your head and grafts it onto your scalp to create a full head of hair.

With the FUE transplant, the doctor will first shave the back of your head. He or she will then transplant the individual hair follicles. He or she will remove the hair in such a way that your existing hair will cover it.

Your doctor will then create tiny holes on the bald portion of your head with a needle or scalpel and basically thread the hair into the holes.

Is a Transplant Painful?

Most people will experience some soreness after the procedure. It isn’t recommended that you drive immediately afterward. You should not feel anything during the procedure itself.

If you don’t live especially close to the doctor who performed the procedure, such as you had to take a special trip into London, you should stay there after the procedure to make sure you don’t experience complications.

How Long Does It Take?

A hair transplant procedure can take four to eight hours. You’re awake the entire time, but the doctor will use medicine that will make it so you cannot feel your scalp during the procedure.

What Will It Look Like Afterwards?

After your scalp heals, it will look and feel like real hair. That’s because it is!

You’ll then be able to comb it, brush it, wash it, and do anything you can with your regular hair. You’ll need to follow your doctor’s instructions, however, as it is important that you do not mess with it too quickly after the procedure.

What is the Difference Between a FUSS and FUE Transplant?

A FUSS transplant is where the doctor takes off six to 10 inches of skin from your scalp. He or she will then graft the hair from the back of your head onto them. The grafts are then separated and each individual piece of hair is placed into it.

The grafts are then placed in your scalp the same way as with the FUE procedure, by placing tiny holes into your scalp.

The major difference is that a FUSS necessitates a skin graft whereas an FUE does not.

How Much Does an FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

The price can vary dramatically based on you, your situation, and how much hair you have or do not have.

On the low end of the spectrum, it will cost a little over 2,304GDP. At the highest end, it could cost as much as 18,000GDP. Most people pay somewhere in between, with the average cost at about 3,000-4,000GDP.

Some doctors will quote an average price of 7,000GDP, but this depends on where the doctor is located and how extensive your case is.

I Have Private Insurance, Is My FUE Transplant Covered?

Unfortunately, no. An FUE transplant is not considered a medically necessary procedure.

While having one can, indeed, boost your confidence and help you feel better about yourself, it is not necessary to improve your quality of life, at least determined by insurance companies. Therefore, you will have to be self-funded to have this procedure.

What If I Can’t Afford It All Upfront?

If you can’t afford a lump sum upfront for your FUE transplant, our clinic can work with you to help pay for it over time. We have financing options available to help individuals who otherwise might not be able to pay for a hair transplant to have it done.

If you’re interested in financing options, you can contact us to speak to someone about terms and conditions and creating a package that’s right for you.

How Much Will My Transplant Cost?

Our clinic doesn’t give a price quote because the amount it costs each patient for a transplant depends widely on the patient’s situation. The amount of hair you’ll need to be transplanted and the type of transplant you want all play factors.

We, however, do not hide any costs from you. So once you’ve given a quote, that’s the price you’ll pay. You won’t get a surprise bill for anything once you’ve signed the papers, and the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

Although having a hair transplant can be expensive, and maybe a financial stretch for you, it is an investment you won’t be sorry you made.

Getting an FUE Transplant

If you’re interested in your hair transplant cost, a consultation or are thinking about scheduling your procedure, contact us today.

We have clinics all over Scotland, Wales, and England, and there is definitely one convenient to your location.

For more information about the FUE procedure, or how our clinics work, visit our website. You can even watch testimonials of other patients who have had a positive experience with the FUE transplant.

We hope you may one day join their ranks and hope to see you in one of our clinics.

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