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Google Search Data Reveals the Celebrity Hairstyles We Desire the Most

  • 13th February 2023
  • 14 min read
Written by Arran Isherwood
Steve Stangoni
Medically reviewed by Dr. Steve Stangoni - GMC No. 7042486 on 13th April 2023
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From clothing and accessories to cars and houses, as an audience, we’re obsessed with celebrity lifestyles. When we see our favourite stars flaunting a designer watch or a jaw-dropping outfit, it’s a common feeling to want to rush out to copy them.

While not all of us can afford the celebrity lifestyle, there is one area that is easy to emulate: hairstyles.

All across the world, people are taking photographs of famous celebrities to salons and barbershops to try and match the style of their favourite stars. So to find out which celebrities are coming out on top, we’ve compiled Google search data to identify the most searched-for celebrity hairstyles, revealing which styles are the most desired among celebrity fans.

World’s Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles

Google Search Data Reveals the Celebrity Hairstyles We Desire the Most

While it’s unsurprising to find pop stars and A-list actors breaking into the top ten, what’s interesting is that male athletes’ hairstyles have shot up in popularity. It appears that footballers, in particular, have become the people to look to for hairstyle inspiration — likely due to them sporting easy-to-emulate styles that their sizeable fanbase can mimic.


UK’s Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles Overall

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - 17,200 average monthly searches

Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the sport’s greatest assets. As such, he has a lengthy list of sponsorships, most of which involve his appearance. This is one of the many reasons why Ronaldo’s hair has become a big part of his image.

His fans have witnessed the footballer transform his hairstyles over the years, with him sporting everything from natural curls and frosted tips to man buns and even a mullet. 


2. Jack Grealish - 12,100 average monthly searches

Whereas many celebrities in this list are well known for how many different hairstyles they’ve donned over the years, Jack Grealish is remembered for his trademark look.

Paired with a headband when on the pitch, the England star sports an undercut with a very short back and sides, while the top is left long to be slicked back.


3. Jennifer Aniston - 6,600 average monthly searches

Some might find it surprising that Jennifer Aniston’s influence over women’s hair endures still. But her ability to reinvent herself has always kept her in the style spotlight. 

As recently as December 2022, her statement cover shoot for Allure — in which she dons stunning hip-length locks that are a stark contrast to her famous ‘Rachel’ cut in the 90s — has garnered plenty of attention. So much so, in fact, that ‘Rachel hair’ still receives an incredible 31,100 average monthly searches globally.


4. Phil Foden - 4,400 average monthly searches

The young football prodigy is known for having hair that is cut short and is full of density. Sometimes called a cropped cut, the standout features of Phil Foden’s hair are a clean skin fade and a very short, blunt fringe.

While Folden’s hair has remained mostly unchanged over the years, he decided to shake things up in the 2020 EUROs by dyeing his hair blonde as a tribute to former England player Paul Gascoigne. He also shaved his shirt number, 47, into the back of his hair during a now infamous trim that left Man City fans ‘begging him to get a haircut’.

His search popularity is likely due to British football fans, however, as globally, Foden drops down to the 45th most searched for celebrity hairstyle.


5. Ariana Grande - 2,900 monthly searches

Early in her career, Ariana Grande sported striking red hair when playing the role of Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon show, ‘Victorious’. Unfortunately, four years of regular dyeing took its toll and left Grande with some serious hair damage.

This led to the birth of Ariana Grande’s now famously sported sky-high ponytail hairstyle. Despite being born from necessity, Grande’s hair is one that clearly resonates with her fans as a celebrity hairstyle that’s easy to replicate.  


6. Billie Eilish - 2,900 monthly searches

It’s unsurprising that Billie Eilish is still one of the most searched-for celebrity hairstyles. From neon green to bottle blonde, Eilish is a hair chameleon who can pull off more looks than most.

For those looking to emulate the pop icon, Eilish’s most recent hairstyle is a shaggy wolf cut with a full fringe, dyed raven-black for a cool, low-maintenance look.


7. Harry Styles - 2,900 monthly searches

Ever since Harry Styles first auditioned for The X Factor way back in 2010, fans of the singer have been obsessed with his hair — so it’s no surprise that his hair is the most searched for male musicians.

The 28-year-old has made his hair a big part of his image, sporting a number of big and bold haircuts over the years. From voluminous quiffs to shoulder-length locks, Styles has put his natural curls to good use, resulting in some unforgettable styles that fans are always looking to emulate.    


8. Chris Hemsworth - 2,900 monthly searches

Chris Hemsworth is unique in that he has two signature looks: his Hollywood hair and his everyday hair.

Hemsworth has notably starred in several blockbuster movies that require long blonde locks: notably as British F1 driver James Hunt in ‘Rush’ and as the god of thunder himself in the ‘Thor’ Marvel franchise. More commonly, Hemsworth can be found with neatly clipped sides and styled floppy layers on top.


9. David Beckham - 2,900 monthly searches

For men, it was David Beckham whose 90s influence loomed large in the modern era. He gained his fame off the pitch just as much as he did on it with an ever-changing wardrobe of hairstyles that were a weekly topic for the tabloids. 

From boyband curtains to shoulder-length locks, Beckham has tried his hand at every look in the book. Recently, though, he’s settled into a simpler quiff that’s easier for men to replicate than the wild mohawks and ponytails of old.


10. Neymar - 2,900 monthly searches

For those looking for a flamboyant new hairstyle, you’ll find no better muse than Neymar. The football superstar has become a hair icon, spotting looks that would make others envious.

Peroxide blonde, shocking pink and copper are just some of the shades that Neymar has toyed with over the years. But it’s not just the colour that the footballer changes, he’s been seen with every cut under the sun, including new-age dreadlocks, tribal tram lines and mullets.

Popular musician hairstyles in the UK

Justin Bieber

Credit: Instagram

Justin Bieber  

From teenage heartthrob to undeniable global superstar, Justin Bieber’s hair has been a thing of intrigue for his fans for years. From the original ‘Bieber cut’ of the fresh-faced teen, his hair has seen its share of experimentation.


Buzz cuts, braids and bleached hair are just some of the looks that Bieber has explored over the years. With the fortunate knack of being able to pull off restrained styles as well as more edgy cuts, Justin Bieber makes a great source of inspiration for those looking for a new haircut. 


For a music sensation, Drake breaks the mould when it comes to his hairstyle. His signature fade is a firm favourite that he’s stuck with over the years, rarely deviating from what he knows best.


Recently, however, Drake has made waves by switching his tried and tested look for a set of 6 ultra-tight cornrows. Fans of the star are largely divided over the new look, but love it or hate it, the internet is going wild for the fresh style.

Popular actor hairstyles in the UK

Brad Pitt

Credit: Wikimedia

Brad Pitt

Over the years, Brad Pitt’s hairstyles have been as varied as his acting roles. Whether it’s been for the big screen or for personal taste, Pitt has debuted a number of versatile styles that have captivated his fans.

His looks range from long haircuts — from as early as his ‘Interview With the Vampire’ shoulder-length locks to his more recent pulled-back Hollywood style — to short textured spikes and undercuts. If you can think of it, there’s probably a picture of Pitt with it.


Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a versatile actor that has been known to alter his appearance for a role — notably by putting on a great amount of muscle and completely shaving his head for both ‘Bronson’ and as Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

From slicked-back styles and close fades to undercuts and textured spikes, Hardy is known for perfecting many hairstyles. While each is different, there are common themes with most looks: they’re short and pristine.  


Celebrity hair transplants

Most celebrities are viewed as more beautiful and stylish than the general public can ever hope to be. And while it’s true that movie stars and professional athletes have the resources to hire the world’s top fashion stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists, their hair goes through the same changes as everyone else.

As you might expect, many celebrities suffer hair loss, whether through genetics or through damage from styling. And as celebrities are often extremely private about their imperfections, it’s difficult to confirm who has and hasn’t received professional hair rejuvenation.

Elon Musk

Credit: Wikimedia

Elon Musk 

CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and now Twitter, if anyone can throw money at a problem to make it disappear, it’s Elon Musk. Rumours of Musk having a hair transplant began when the internet began to compare his hairline to pictures of him from the 90s. It’s clear to see that Musk’s hairline was receding at a young age — something that no longer seems to be the case.

With a whopping 22,200 global monthly searches for ‘Elon Musk hair transplant’, he’s a celebrity that the public strongly suspect has undergone hair restoration surgery. In fact, online sleuths have identified photographs of Musk with a visible linear scar on the back 

of his head, suggesting that he has undertaken a FUT hair transplant


Jennifer Aniston 

While she was known worldwide for her impeccable 90s hair, Jennifer Aniston’s hair is not as perfect as Rachel’s from ‘Friends’. Aniston has spoken about hair loss that she has suffered from over the years, placing the blame on her hair extensions. She claims that “I decided to have a couple of extensions, never knowing you end up with 400 things in your head that cause your hair to break off

Some like to speculate that Aniston has had a hair transplant to restore her legendary hair, but there is little to support this claim, with Aniston herself stating that time was the best healer for getting her hair back to its former glory.


David Beckham 

Appearing on our list for the second time, it is believed that David Beckham has been able to maintain his famous locks with the help of hair restoration surgery — in fact, there are 5,400 monthly Google searches for ‘David Beckham hair transplant’.

During his early 40s, it was rumoured that Beckham was going bald due to a few unflattering paparazzi shots that were circulating online. These snaps showed him with a cropped haircut that was noticeably thinner than the hair that the public was used to. What’s more, Beckham was later seen with noticeably thicker hair, strengthening the speculations. 


Wayne Rooney

Unlike most celebrities, footballer Wayne Rooney was very open about his hair transplant. In a tweet to his fans, Rooney stated that as he was losing his hair at such a young age, “why not” restore his hair to its former glory? 

Although his initial hair transplant was a success, it is rumoured that Rooney has undergone surgery again recently, as a snap of him from 2021 appears to show that he continued to lose hair a decade after his first surgery; whereas a more recent picture shows him one again with noticeably denser hair. It’s understandable then, that the footballer still receives 4400 global monthly searches for hus hair transplant.


Keira Knightley 

It was believed for a time that actress Keira Knightly had undergone hair restoration surgery after it had been reported that her hair had fallen out. Knightly claimed that excessive dyeing for her film roles had caused her hair to become severely damaged and fall out.

However, she claims that she owes her hair regrowth to wearing wigs for five years. During this time, she allowed her natural hair to repair itself without causing any more damage.


Are hair transplants just for celebrities?

Some people believe that hair transplants are ludicrously expensive procedures that only the rich and famous have access to, but that is simply not the case.

Hair transplants are more affordable than ever, with reputable clinics providing state-of-the-art transplantation services right here in the UK. If you’re wondering how much a hair transplant costs, you can visit our pricing page for more information.

Or, if you want to learn more about hair transplants, explore our full list of hair transplantation services or visit our blog to learn about how our procedures work. 


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