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Follicular Unit Extaction is one of the 2 primary methods of obtaining follicular units (naturally occuring groups of 1 – 4 hairs) for Hair Transplantation. The Alternative method is FUT, more commonly referred to as strip harvesting.

The significance of FUE is how the Follicular Units are obtained. FUE surgeons primary tool is referred to as a Micro Punch, a circular surgical blade that varies in diameter from 0.7mm to 1.25mm. The Micro Punch enables the Follicular Units to be individually excised from the scalp, with no discomfort and without leaving the patient with a linear scar.

There are still extremely few surgeons and practices which have mastered Follicular Unit Extraction because the procedure takes considerable time, expense and education to develop the ability to a superior standard. Something we at FUE Clinics are fortunate enough to be able to provide to all our patients.

World of difference to my confidence Peter

FUE Hair Transplant Treatments from FUE Clinics

When it comes to hair transplants, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and at FUE Clinics it's our aim to come up with a range of hair restoration solutions to help you to choose the right option and what is best suited to you and your requirements. When you choose the hair transplant surgeons at FUE Clinics for your FUE hair restoration treatment, we ensure that your experience will be life-changing. As specialists in FUE hair transplants and restoration, we have a range of firsthand experience, especially when it comes to the sinking feeling of looking in a mirror and not being happy with your hair and worrying about balding or thinning hair. This is why at FUE Clinics, our expert team in hair restoration ensures that they provide you with a thorough FUE transplant service, as well as addressing all of your hair desires, concerns and much more.

Whatever your requirements, the FUE Clinics will make sure that you are treated with the utmost care and support in the transplant procedure. Our professional surgeons will ensure that you receive the same service and treatment that you would expect from a private medical clinic and much more.

From walking through the door, straight away you can feel the difference, our team of hair transplant surgeons care about you and will take the extra time to clearly explain your options, as well as offer any necessary advice and guidance in order to help you to make an informed decision.

Hair Transplantation is a surgical treatment that redistributes hair follicles from one section of your head to another. There are two methods of hair transplant techniques that can be used to achieve this. It is important to remember the methods involved are focused on the extraction of the hair follicles. The process of transferring the hair follicles to the recipient area is identical. At FUE Clinics, our hair transplant and hair restoration surgeons have extensive experience when it comes to treating male pattern baldness, this is through our minimally invasive, no stitches treatment — an FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction). Our team of surgeons are all highly skilled and renowned for the excellent results that they produce, simply take a look at our before and after photos.

FUE Hair Transplant Pro's and Con's

When it comes to FUE Hair Transplants, like anything, it comes with a number of pros and cons. It tends to cost more than the usual hair treatment and some patients do experience pain, however, the benefits are so great, they outway any negative aspects. Our FUE hair transplants can help you to get your real, natural hair back, boosting your confidence and enhancing your life. When it comes to health and youth, hair tends to be something that the majority of us take for granted, especially when it’s gone. Hair transplants are a great option and will help to bring back a fuller head of hair. At FUE Clinics we offer hair transplants to both men and women, providing them with a new lease of life and confidence. If your hair is thinning or you’re going bald and it is something that bothers you, the FUE Clinics team of hair transplant surgeons can provide you with amazing results, helping you to feel yourself again. For more information, contact FUE Clinics today.

At FUE Clinics, our team of experienced doctors are fully qualified and can provide a range of FUE hair transplants. FUE involves making very small entry points into the scalp, our professional team will ensure that the donor area is intact after the hair transplant procedure, as well as make sure that you can keep your hair really short if preferred. To see our FUE hair transplant results, take a look at our gallery of before and after photos, when you choose FUE clinics, we’ll provide you with a procedure that’s to the highest standards.

For more information, you can contact our team and we can arrange a telephone or video consultation, you can speak to one of our highly experienced advisors who can provide you with any information that you may require, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Why should I choose a hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery works by adding more hair to an area on your head that may be thinning or balding, the procedure involves taking hair from thicker parts of the scalp or other parts of the body and then grafting it to the thinning or balding section of the scalp. At some point in their lifetime, about 60% of men and 50% of women across the world will experience some form of hair loss, many people may consider using over the counter restoration products, however, hair transplants tend to have a higher success rate. The latest statistics state that around 10 to 80% of transplanted hair will fully grow back in an estimated three to four months. So if you'd like more information, contact our hair transplant surgeons today.

Overall hair transplants are considered the most successful and permanent method of hair restoration treatments. All FUE hair transplants are long-lasting, once you’ve had your hair transplant you will then notice that your hair will shed after a couple of weeks – this is a completely normal part of the procedure meaning your hair will grow back strong and healthy. You will see your hair transplant results developing in 3-6 months. It’s also important to remember that hair transplants don’t work for everyone. Hair transplants tend to be used to help restore your hair if your hair is balding or thinning or you have lost your hair because of an injury.

At FUE Clinics we are not only focused on ensuring an effective procedure, we are also dedicated to providing you with a comfortable environment, our professional team always make sure that they go above and beyond, we want you to relax and not stress about the procedure, so what are you waiting for let our team take good care of you. FUE Clinics ensures a first class hair restoration and FUE transplant experience. Whilst it is true that you will regain your hair, it's our priority to make sure that you also regain your confidence in a comfortable, inviting and relaxing environment.

Up to around half (50%) of men will experience hair loss to some degree, especially by the time that they reach 50, for many hair loss can occur earlier, some being in their 20s, 30s and late teenage years. Research has shown that the main cause for most men (95%) who experience a thin scalp, is sometimes called Androgenetic Alopecia, which is more commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness. It’s a hereditary condition that can occur when a male hormone causes hair follicles to shrink and produce abnormal hair with a shorter life. When it comes to treating male pattern baldness, patients tend to see their hair loss starting in the crown, this will be followed by thinning around the hairline and temples. However, it's important to remember that hair loss can be different depending on the individual, other causes of hair loss in men can relate to stress, disease and physical reactions to medication. It is necessary to consider how hair loss can affect confidence and the mind, at FUE Clinics we believe that this is one of the most important things to address.

At FUE Clinics we have many years of experience when it comes to our specialised FUE technique. All our clinics are home to a highly skilled and qualified team who aim to give you the hair and look you desire. At FUE Clinics we have a renowned reputation and will only give our clients honest advice with the results that they require.

Choosing a FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon

As professional surgeons and hair restoration specialists, at fue clinics we’re home to a team of skilled surgeons who aim to provide you with the most natural results for your hair transplant, when it comes to finding the best clinic for you, here are just some of the areas that we recommend that you consider?

Skills and training - all reputable fue hair transplant surgeons will have to undergo thorough training to make sure that they can provide the surgery to the highest standard.

Experience - fue hair transplantations take a lot to master, it's essential that you choose a clinic that has a wealth of experience in this type of surgery.

Techniques - depending on the type of surgery you’d like, it’s important to find a surgeon that specialises in this technique of hair transplants.

Specialists - surgeons who only specialise in hair restoration surgery will have the most experience and knowledge than those who provide a range of different surgeries.

Reputation - it’s important to check that your surgeon is a member of awarding bodies and organisations, this will show that they have a reputation for competence and are up to speed with the latest advances.

Professional - as well as a great surgeon, it’s also important to choose a clinic that’s home to knowledgable, friendly and well educated staff.

Consultations - make sure that the clinic provides you with a consultation, this will help to rule out any underlying conditions that may affect your hair growth and ensure that you’re in the best health for the surgery. They should check and assess your hair including its density, this is so they can calculate the number of donor follicles that you have available as well as the number of transplants that you’ll need.

Hair Transplant Before and After - previous clients’ before and after photos of their hair transplant. At FUE Clinics you’ll see that we have a whole gallery of our hair transplant work, showing effective results from our clients.

Patient Testimonials and References - when you choose FUE Clinics you’ll be able to read through our many customer testimonials and feedback, seeing exactly why our clients choose FUE Clinics for their hair transplant.

For More Information on FUE Hair Transplants, Contact FUE Clinics Today

When you opt for a hair transplant from FUE Clinics, we will help to arrange everything for you, from the exact technique you need to the desired results that you’re looking for, the team at FUE Clinics can always be on hand to help. Known for our strong reputation, we’re considered as being one of the best hair transplant specialists in the UK, simply take a look at some of our previous patients and their FUE hair transplant before and after photos, we’ll ensure great results and also that you feel comfortable and secure throughout every stage of the process. For more information, simply get in touch with FUE Clinics today.

When it comes to health and youth, we understand that hair can sometimes be something that most of us take for granted, especially when it's gone. Hair transplants are a great option and will help to bring back a fuller head of hair. The FUE Clinics Team, provide hair transplants for both men and women across the UK, giving them a new lease of life and new found confidence. If your hair is thinning or you’re going bald and it's something that bothers you, FUE Clinics team of hair transplant surgeons can offer amazing results, helping you feel yourself again. For more information on our UK hair transplant surgery clinics, contact FUE Clinics today.


FUE and FUT hair transplants are both delicate and complex procedures that take time and dedication for a skilled surgeon to learn. Neither transplant method is better than the other per se; a particular method will be chosen for a specific patient based on which is more suitable to that particular individual.

At FUE Clinics, our surgeons and support team have years of experience in hair transplantation to ensure your procedure is as successful as possible. Not every transplant will yield the same results, however, as each patient’s situation is different; speaking to your surgeon before your transplant will ensure you know what results are feasible and realistic.

For the best results, make sure you follow your surgeon’s aftercare steps very carefully. The first few weeks after your transplant are the most important for achieving the results you’re looking for, so being extra-cautious will help you in the long run.

At FUE Clinics, we provide fixed-fee treatments. This is applicaple for all patients that we consider eligble for a procedure — determined by assessing a number of factors to ensure that the outcome that  apatient is expecting is realistic and achievable. For information on the cost of a hair transplant, visit our pricing page.

Thanks to developments in surgical technology and instrumentation, a skilled surgeon can perform an FUE transplant without noticeable scarring. Each individual follicle removed leaves a dot-like scar which will be almost impossible to see when it’s healed — especially when the surrounding hair starts to grow after being shaved.

There are no long-term side effects from an FUE transplant. The only thing you may experience is the type of post-surgery side effects you might expect from this type of procedure; including, swelling, bleeding and itching on the scalp.

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