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Why Choose FUE Clinics for your Hair Transplant?

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Like to know how a hair transplant can restore your hair?

Hair Transplant Options

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to hair restoration. We help you pick the option that is best for you. No matter what, your experience will be life-changing. We know from firsthand experience the sinking feeling of looking in a mirror at an ever-expanding forehead, worrying about the bald spot on the top of your head, or simply thinking about ways to “cover up” the baldness and it doesn't have to cost the earth

It is a confidence shaking feeling no man should have. At FUE Clinics, we address this concern and more.

Would you trade a few hours of your time for a lifetime of hair that will bring you back to your youth and impress your colleagues and family members?

Regardless of the option you select, at FUE Clinics we treat you like royalty. You get everything you would expect from a private medical service… and more. From the moment you walk in the door, you can feel the difference. We care about you – not just your business. We will always take the extra time to clearly explain your options – so you can make an informed decision.

We are not only focused on a profoundly effective procedure – we are dedicated to providing a comfortable environment. We go above and beyond. We want you to relax and relish in the return of a full head of hair – not stress about the procedure.

FUE Clinics offers the platinum standard in the hair restoration experience. Whilst it is true that you will regain your hair, you will also regain your confidence in a comfortable, inviting, and relaxing environment.

FUE Hair Transplant

The most recent innovation in hair restoration treatments is FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. The method of extraction involves removing hair follicles from a patient’s donor area (typically back/sides of head) individually one at a time.

The primary benefit of this procedure is that it does not leave a singular linear scar. The FUE hair transplant method is also considered to be the least invasive hair replacement procedure.

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FUT Hair Transplant

The gold standard in hair transplantation, FUT or Follicular Unit Transfer is the hair transplant method whereby a follicular unit dense strip of tissue is removed from a patient’s scalp (typically back/sides of head), the individual hair grafts are then prepared using stereomicroscopy.

The primary benefit of FUT is that significantly greater yields of hair follicles can be achieved over FUE, making this the more economical hair transplant procedure without any compromises on quality least of all result.

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Your Trusted Medical Advsior

A decision is only as good as the information it is based upon.

We never make false promises. Whilst it is a fact that some things don’t work in some situations, we will give you honest information. With any hair transplant, we assess how much hair has been lost and the balance of probability regarding a further loss. We then discuss your expectations and determine if they are both achievable and aesthetically reasonable in both the short term and the long term.

If we don’t believe a hair transplant will work for you, we won’t do it. We are experts in the business of getting you results. In fact, we guarantee it. As an ethical provider, we believe in educating our clients so that they can make informed decisions based upon facts and NOT sales motivated fiction.

We are your trusted medical advisor in developing a tailored solution that meets your specific needs.


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