UK Vs Turkey For Your Hair Transplant

UK vs Turkey for your Hair Transplant

  • 7th March 2022
  • 8 min read
Written by Arran Isherwood
Steve Stangoni
Medically reviewed by Dr. Steve Stangoni - GMC No. 7042486 on 21st April 2023
Next review due on 21st April 2024

Hair Transplants: UK or Turkey?

If you suffer from hair loss and are looking for a permanent solution, you’ll likely have done some research into hair transplants. With a number of A-list celebrities popularising the procedure, hair transplants are becoming far more commonplace for men and women across the country.

While learning about hair transplants, however, you may have also come across a phrase that is often used in the industry: cheap Turkey hair transplants.

In an act known as ‘medical tourism’, many Brits flock to Turkey every year for hair transplants and cosmetic surgeries. The reason for this is due to Turkish clinics offering procedures at a much cheaper cost than you would typically find in the UK, resulting in a greater interest in patients travelling abroad for surgeries.

But is a Turkish hair transplant really the best idea?

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Hair transplants in Turkey can often be found for as little as £1,500 — far cheaper than the typical cost in the UK. Although this may seem like a bargain at first glance, there are a number of reasons for low Turkey hair transplant costs.

As Turkey has a substantially lower cost of living than in the UK, wages are also less — this means hair transplants are also forced to be more affordable. Another factor determining the price of Turkish hair transplants is the sheer volume of clinics in the country. With more than 500 clinics across Turkey, hair transplants are a very competitive field, meaning clinics are forced to lower their prices as much as possible to attract their customer base.

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The problem with cheap Turkey hair transplants

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with offering competitive prices, the cheap rates in Turkey lead to a number of concerns that many people won’t consider when choosing the location of their surgery.

Travelling abroad

Needing to travel to another city in the UK for a specialist medical procedure isn’t something you’d usually be too concerned with. Travelling overseas, on the other hand, is another matter. 

Some Turkish hair transplant clinics try to entice UK patients by including flights and hotels in a package deal. While this may save you some booking time, you’ll still need to deal with the hassle of international travel — something that will certainly not be pleasant post-surgery. 

Worse still, the aftercare phase of your transplant — arguably the most important element to ensure a successful transplant — is almost nonexistent. Once you’re back in the UK, you’re no longer a priority, which can be disastrous if you come down with an infection or need support from your surgeon.

We hear of patients all too often who travel abroad after a virtual consultation and, arriving on the day of treatment, sadly find everything they have been promised has to be renegotiated. This leaves you in a catch 22 position: you feel there’s no other way now, especially considering the lengths you’ve already gone to. It’s exploitation, and it’s deeply unfair.

Language barriers

Although your surgeon will most likely speak English, it’s doubtful that the rest of their support staff will. Hair transplant surgeons require a team of transplant technicians to work alongside them. This can naturally feel overwhelming if you have a number of people working on your procedure without the ability to communicate to you exactly what is happening at any given time.

Production line procedures

Due to the fiercely competitive nature of Turkish hair transplant clinics, many need to maximise on booking as many patients as possible to stay ahead of the competition. It's not uncommon for you to share the same surgeon with 5-10 other patients that same day — ask yourself: how is it feasible that your surgeon will give you their undivided attention? This has resulted in a culture of rushed procedures and the temptation to cut corners to finish as many transplants as possible.

This leads to the unfortunate situation that many who undertake hair transplants in Turkey find themselves in; left with results that don’t meet your expectations. In this scenario, you’ll then end up paying more to repair your hairline (if still possible at this stage) than if you’d looked for a reputable UK-based hair transplant clinic.

Look for more than just a price tag

Like any service, the cost will unsurprisingly play a factor in your decision-making and will influence your purchase when looking for a clinic. However, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure and should be treated as seriously as you would any other.

Price is, of course, important; but there are a number of crucial things to keep in mind when choosing a clinic to perform your hair transplant surgery: 


  •  Experience – It’s vital that you screen your surgeon and check that they have adequate experience. The number of surgeries alone is not an indicator of quality. Patients should couple this number with pictures of successful results to make the right judgment.
  • Reviews – Reading reviews online should give you an idea of the quality of care and services the hospital offers. There is no better feedback than first-hand experience.
  • Certifications – This is the most critical precaution of all. Patients should always check if the hospital of interest is accredited by the government. It is even better if the hospital of choice has the seal of approval from international boards. Sadly, it’s surprisingly easy for unqualified surgeons to fabricate their certificates, especially since most patients lack the resources needed to check their legitimacy.
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Affordable UK hair transplants

One of the most common questions asked around hair transplants is how much does it cost. This is the number one reason that drives potential candidates towards Turkey, as they can offer much cheaper surgeries.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a celebrity to be able to afford a safe, successful and professional hair transplant in the UK.

What affects hair transplant costs?

Everyone suffers from hair loss differently, which means we all have unique situations. Each candidate we consult will have a unique situation and will require a tailored solution. The cost of each individual’s hair transplant will, therefore, come down to a few factors:

  • The extent of hair loss — Naturally, the more hair that is lost, the more grafts will be required to restore it.
  • The candidate’s expectations — Each potential patient needs to have realistic goals. If their expectations are unachievable in a single surgery, they may need to undergo multiple procedures.
  • The density of the donor areas — The quality of a candidate’s donor hair will reflect on how much can be transplanted in a single procedure.

You can learn more about our pricing structure and how much a hair transplant will cost by visiting our pricing page.

Hair transplant on finance

Not everyone has the savings to pay for a hair transplant all at once. To ensure that anyone who wants to restore their hairline has the opportunity to do so, we provide financing options to allow candidates to manage their expenses. 

Partnering with BuyLine Limited, we can provide our patients with flexible and affordable payment options. Whether you wish to take advantage of Interest-Free payments or Longer Term Low Payments, we have a plan to suit you.

Choose FUE Clinics for hair transplants

Having been at the forefront of medical hair restoration for many years, we have revolutionised the way that healthcare providers deliver the continuity of care, precision and results that you as a patient not only expect but depend on.

We treat all types of hair conditions; including alopecia areata, traction alopecia, androgenic alopecia, female pattern baldness, and male pattern baldness. Additionally, we have the technology and advancements in both technique and instrumentation to restore facial hair, including beard hair transplant and eyebrow hair transplant procedures. 

See how FUE Clinics can help to restore your hair — improving your appearance and boosting your confidence. Contact us today and make an appointment to visit us for a free, impartial and honest consultation. With absolutely no obligation, it’s never been easier to tackle hair loss treatment head-on.

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