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Will I need more than one hair transplant
  • 6th January 2023
  • 12 min read

To help you understand more about multiple hair transplants, at FUE clinics, we’ve answered some of the most common questions in detail.

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Why Women Don’t Talk About Hair Loss
  • 16th November 2022
  • 5 min read

For a woman no matter what your age losing your hair can lead to a stressful and traumatic time and for many women it isn’t often discussed and prefer to hide it away with wigs or headscarves.

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Hair Transplants – The Side Effects
  • 16th November 2022
  • 8 min read

So you are losing your hair and your confidence, you’ve decided to go ahead with a hair transplant. While it’s now considered a more routine surgery with over 650,000 hair transplants being carried out every year, it’s important that you consider the side effects of the hair transplant procedure.

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What to Expect from your Hair Transplant
  • 16th November 2022
  • 9 min read

When it comes to your health and youth, you may take it for granted, especially if you notice that one day, they have gone.

How Do Hair Transplants Improve Your Confidence?
  • 2nd September 2022
  • 9 min read

Hair loss can be difficult and depressing for many people. It can seem like an impossible uphill battle that you can never win and that only gets worse each day.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Loss Treatment
  • 22nd August 2022
  • 12 min read

Did you know that a whopping 40% of men will suffer from noticeable hair loss by the time they’re 35? That’s almost half the male population!

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8 Things You Should know About the FUE Hair Transplant
  • 1st August 2022
  • 9 min read

If you’re feeling conscious about your hairline and you’re interested in getting it fixed, here are 5 things you should know about the FUE hair transplant.

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My hair is thinning, do I need a transplant
  • 1st August 2022
  • 7 min read

If you’re feeling conscious about your thinning hair, you should look into options to treat it. Find out if a hair transplant is the right one for you.

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Is FUE Hair Transplant Worth the Money?
  • 14th July 2022
  • 6 min read

Are you considering FUE transplant, but just aren’t sure it would be worth the money? It can be hard to decide because the cost of these transplants vary pretty drastically from person to person.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Transplant Surgeries
  • 14th July 2022
  • 12 min read

A hair transplant restores hair to thinning or balding areas of the head or body. Learn everything you need to know about this surgery with our guide.

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Why Is Pattern Baldness More Common In Men?
  • 5th July 2022
  • 6 min read

Pattern baldness can occur in both men and women, so why is it more common for men? Learn what male pattern baldness is and why it happens with FUE Clinics.

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Top 10 Tips for Finding the Right Hair Transplant Clinic
  • 15th June 2022
  • 10 min read

You don’t need a scientific study to know that men without baldness appear younger. Regardless, a recent study showed that people viewed men with full hair as being more approachable, successful, attractive, and youthful.

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Here’s everything you need to know about afro Caribbean hair transplants
  • 16th May 2022
  • 11 min read

An afro hair transplant is a specialist procedure that gives people their confidence back. Here’s everything you need to know about this treatment.

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The Best Candidate for FUE Hair Transplants
  • 22nd April 2022
  • 9 min read

FUE – follicular unit extraction, also known as follicular transfer is a method for removing hairs from one part of your body and moving them to your head.

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FUE and FUT: The Truth Behind Hair Transplant Scars
  • 22nd April 2022
  • 7 min read

There is a lot of misinformation about hair transplant scars that gets shared, so FUE Clinics are debunking the myths and revealing everything you need to know.

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How to Prepare for Your Hair Transplant
  • 19th April 2022
  • 7 min read

35 million men globally have male pattern baldness. 40% of people who experience hair loss in the United States are women. And increasingly, more people are choosing to have a hair transplant.

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Life After Hair Transplant: What Can and Can’t I Do?
  • 18th April 2022
  • 12 min read

So you’ve had a hair transplant? Awesome! You’re likely enjoying some of the benefits of having a fuller head of hair, both physical and psychological.

UK Vs Turkey For Your Hair Transplant
UK vs Turkey for your Hair Transplant
  • 7th March 2022
  • 8 min read

Are you thinking of getting a hair transplant? You’ve probably read about many celebrities undergoing hair transplant procedures in the UK, and researching into the treatment yourself, looking at the treatment you want, how it works, the aftercare and working out the average cost of a hair transplant

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How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?
  • 9th July 2020
  • 6 min read

You may have 99 problems, but – for those who undergo hair transplants – 200 to 5,000 tiny hairs transplanted on your head isn’t one.

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