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Beard Hair Transplant

At FUE Clinics we are the UK’s leading beard transplant specialists and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing a fuller, denser beard to our male clientele. Half of the male population find it difficult to grow a full and healthy beard, our answer to this?

Beard Hair Transplants, a simple solution to improve bald patches or thinning hair. Many men will have the desire to grow a thick, full beard, however not every man can make it happen and that’s why procedures such as beard transplants have risen in popularity. A beard transplant does exactly what your genetics and other factors won’t allow you to do. Hair will be taken from another part of the body, usually your scalp and then transplanted to your face whenever your beard or moustache may grow.

Beard transplants have come a long way and professional beard and hair transplant facilities and technology keep improving. For more information on the beard transplants that we provide, contact FUE Clinics today.

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Beard Transplant UK

FUE Clinics are a team of hair loss specialists, known for our beard transplant services. We are highly professional and specialise in the investigations and diagnosis of hair loss issues, whether scalp, body or facial hair – we are the experts to call. When you choose FUE Clinics for Beard Transplants UK our team will determine the issue and the treatment in which you require to rectify the problem. If you find yourself searching for ’Beard Transplant Near Me’ then you’ve come to the right place, at FUE Clinics we provide a range of Beard Transplant surgeries. Our team will work closely alongside you, consultants and health professionals, ensuring that you receive the right treatment.

At FUE Clinics we are not only focused on ensuring a profoundly effective procedure, but we are also dedicated to providing you with a comfortable environment. Our professional team will go above and beyond, we want you to relax and not stress about the procedure, let our team take good care of you. FUE Clinics offers a first-class hair restoration and beard transplant experience. Whilst it is true that you will regain your beard hair, you will also regain your confidence in a comfortable, inviting, and relaxing environment.

How do Beard Transplants Work?

At FUE Clinics we offer two types of beard transplants include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both of these facial hair transplants involve the same technique as any other hair transplant procedure and require surgeons to remove hair from a donor area.

The most common procedure is the FUE beard transplant, individual hairs are grafted one by one from the donor region and harvest over a larger area. Only small, white circular scars are left behind. The surgeon is usually able to harvest one of every five follicles, but results vary with our physicians and the quality of the procedure.

A FUT transplant involves taking a small strip of tissue from the donor area with a microscopic dissection process. The surgeon then closes the wound edge, leaving only a single, fine scar behind. There are three steps to the beard transplant procedure; hair preparation, hair extraction, and hair placement.

Beard Transplant After-Care

Beard Transplant Aftercare
There are some small beard transplant side effects when undergoing beard transplant surgery but nothing serious. Overall there are no real beard transplant risks, some side effects may include:

  • Mild bruising
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity at the donor and recipient sites
  • Ingrown hair
  • Redness

It isn’t unusual for small crusts to form around the newly transplanted hairs. If the crusting lasts longer than a week, you may want to contact your surgeon. Many surgeons advise not washing your face until the crusts have fallen off. The doctor may prescribe you an antibiotic that prevents infection in the donor area. You might also get an antibiotic ointment to apply.

Beard transplant recovery is typically problem-free with little or no pain. Visible signs of the procedure usually subside within a week, and you can typically start shaving again a week to 10 days after the transplant.

Don’t be concerned if your new beard begins to fall out after two or three weeks, as it’s a natural part of the process, and by three months your beard should have all grown back. A beard transplant recovery time usually is fairly quick, and visible signs of the procedure tend to subside within a week, and you can start shaving again after around 10 days.

Choosing a Beard Transplant Clinic and Surgeon

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to beard transplants and restoration, at FUE Clinics we will come up with a range of solutions and help you to select the option that is best suited to you and your requirements. No matter what, when you choose FUE Clinics for your beard transplant, your experience will be life-changing. As specialists in beard transplants and restoration, we know from firsthand experience the sinking feeling of looking in a mirror and not being happy with your beard area, worrying about the balding look. This is why at FUE Clinics, we are experts in hair restoration and provide a thorough beard transplant service, we can address all of your concerns and much more.

As professionals, at FUE clinics we’re home to a team of skilled surgeons who aim to provide you with the most natural results for your beard transplant, when it comes to finding the best clinic for you, here are some of the areas that we recommend you consider?

Skills and Training - all reputable beard hair transplant surgeons will have to undergo thorough training to ensure they can provide the surgery to the highest standard.

Experience - beard transplantations take a lot to master, it's essential that you choose a clinic that has a wealth of experience in this type of surgery.

Techniques - depending on the type of surgery you’d like, it’s important to find a surgeon that specialises in this technique of beard transplants.

Specialists - surgeons who only specialise in hair restoration surgery will have the most experience and knowledge than those who provide a range of different surgeries.

Reputation - it’s important to check that your surgeon is a member of awarding bodies and organisations, this will show that they have a reputation for competence and are up to speed with the latest advances.

Professional - as well as a great surgeon, it’s also important to choose a clinic that’s home to knowledgeable, friendly and well-educated staff.

Consultations - make sure that the clinic provides you with a consultation, this will help to rule out any underlying conditions that may affect your beard growth and ensure that you’re in the best health for the surgery. They should check and assess your hair including its density, this is so they can calculate the number of donor follicles that you have available as well as the number of transplants that you’ll need.

Beard Transplant Results - previous clients’ before and after photos of their beard transplant. At FUE Clinics you’ll see that we have a whole gallery of our beard transplant work, showing effective results from our clients.


Beard implants are another commonly used term for a beard transplant, meaning you’re taking hair from one part of the body and transplanting it to your facial hair areas.. The process of receiving beard implants is the same as a transplant; with both FUE and FUT options available.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, many people fall into the trap of focussing only on the cost of the procedure. This leads to many Brits who are interested in a transplant deciding to travel abroad to try and save a little money.

However, there are a number of things to consider beyond price alone. Like any surgery, a beard transplant will leave you feeling fatigued and will require you to follow strict post-surgery measures to ensure you experience the best results. By choosing a beard transplant in the UK, you can ensure you’re resting when you’re supposed to be instead of travelling internationally. It also means you can more easily contact your surgeon for check ups and advice.

Like any type of hair transplant surgery, the price you pay will differ from patient to patient. Prices for beard transplants at FUE clinics relate to how much hair needs transplanting, the quality of your donor hair and many other factors. For information on how we calculate the cost of a transplant, visit our pricing page.

Prospective patients require that certain conditions are met for a beard transplant to be successful. The most important factor when judging a patient’s potential success is the quality of their donor hair. If your donor hair is plentiful and good quality, you have a better chance to achieve the results you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in a beard transplant, book a free online consultation with one of our trichologists who can assess your situation and discuss your options.

The level of scarring depends on what treatment you choose. An FUT procedure that removes a small amount of tissue from your donor area will leave a faint, 1mm scar. If you choose an FUE transplant, on the other hand, each follicular unit is extracted individually — this leaves many individual scars, however, each one is tiny and invisible to the naked eye.

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