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One of the most frequently asked questions we get about hair transplants is how much a procedure costs. A common misconception surrounding hair transplants is that only celebrities and the wealthy can afford a procedure — thankfully, this is far from the truth.

Although there’s no single answer to the question, hair transplant surgery is more affordable than most people think, and is tailored to your situation; so you will only ever pay for what you need. 

By booking a professional consultation with one of our in-house trichology specialists, we can assess the extent of your hair loss and how eligible you are for a transplant. Once we can evaluate the outcomes that are achievable, we can provide you with an accurate price that’s bespoke to your circumstances.

What can affect the price of my hair transplant?

Hair loss affects each individual differently, which means each person requires differing levels of restoration and results in unique pricing. Your hair transplant cost will therefore be an accumulation of several factors. These include:

  • The extent of your hair loss — Naturally, the more hair loss you’ve experienced, the more restoration will be required. For example, a hair transplant to restore just your hairline will require far fewer grafts than your crown, resulting in a cheaper surgery.
  • Your expectations — Realistic expectations are something to always keep in mind when considering a hair transplant. If you want results that are unlikely to be achieved in a single surgery — or want your results to last for years without changing — you will likely require a second procedure to meet your expectations. 
  • The density of your donor areas — Your donor areas are the hairs on the back and sides of your head and are what makes hair transplants possible. Although hairs taken from your donor area will grow back, extracting too many at once will lead to overharvesting and can leave your donor area too thin. 

If the results you’re looking for require more grafts than can be safely extracted from your donor area, you’ll likely be advised to book a second procedure to prevent overharvesting.

The quality of your grafts — Depending on how thick your donor area is, each graft could contain two or even three hairs each. The more multi-grafts that can be obtained, the thicker your transplant will look and the quicker your surgery can be completed.

Payment options

To ensure that we can help as many candidates as possible, we take strides in providing a service that’s affordable. We provide interest-free finance options over 12 months — to provide our customers with increased flexibility for repayments*.

*Interest Bearing at 9.9%, subject to the status from 24-60 months

Here are some examples of what a finance breakdown may look like, depending on your choice of repayment plan:

12 Month Term


Surgery Price:


Minimum Deposit:


Balance to Finance:


Monthly Repayments: 


Charge for Credit:


Total Repayable:



36 Month Term


Surgery Price:


Minimum Deposit:


Balance to Finance:


Monthly Repayments: 


Charge for Credit:


Total Repayable:



Where Hair Grows Limited t/a FUE Clinics is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 947221. We act as a credit broker, NOT a lender and offer finance from one lender.

What you need to consider, other than the cost

As with any big purchase, it’s natural to try and find the best deal possible to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. However, a hair transplant is a big decision — one that should never be taken lightly. Always do plenty of research and avoid falling into the trap of hunting for a ‘bargain’.

Hair restoration is an investment; and one that needs to be taken seriously. If you are considering simply finding the cheapest option, here are some factors to keep in mind on why the cost of a hair transplant shouldn’t be your only motivation.

  1. You’re paying for surgery

    First and foremost, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure. You’ll be operated on by surgeons, be under local anaesthetic and have your procedure performed in a surgical theatre. You want to ensure that whoever is operating on you is a medical professional with years of experience and a track record of successful hair transplants.

    Choosing a clinic-based purely on price poses the risk of working with inexperienced or untrained surgeons. It could further increase your chances of succumbing to an inferior service that may reduce your chances of success, as well as achieving your desired outcome.

    Furthermore, the detrimental impact of a poorly performed treatment may also diminish your options should corrective treatment be required.

  2. Your aftercare

    Just as important as the surgery itself is the aftercare. The first 48 hours after your procedure are the most important; however, your transplant will continue to heal for several weeks after your surgery. Although unlikely, it’s crucial that the clinic you choose is readily available to offer support if you experience any complications.

    Choosing a cheap clinic means you’re unlikely to receive the care and attention you need after your surgery. This is particularly troublesome for those who choose to have a procedure abroad, as it’s far more difficult to get the help you’d require.

    Do your research and make sure that the clinic you are thinking about getting a transplant with has a sufficient aftercare plan in place once your procedure is complete. This includes regular checkups to assess the progress of your healing.

  3. Avoid sales-driven surgeries

The competitiveness of cheap transplants has resulted in clinics focusing heavily on making sales — both in the UK and around the world. Although you may find a cheaper deal, these clinics are more interested in your business than whether you’re a suitable candidate for a hair transplant.

Not only does this mean that you may end up spending your hard-earned cash on a surgery that will never achieve the results you’re looking for, but you may also be pressured into committing to surgery by salesmen with ‘limited-time offers’.

Always make sure you discuss your expectations during any consultations to ensure that what you’re looking to achieve is possible. And remember: never be pressured into booking a hair transplant surgery — always take a few days after a consultation to think about your options.

Find out how much a hair transplant will cost you

If you want to know exactly how much a procedure will cost you, the best thing to do is to book a free consultation with one of our trichology specialists. This no-obligation consultation will let us know the extent of your hair loss and give you an accurate price for your surgery, should you choose to proceed.

If you’d like to gather some more information to better understand the details of hair restoration, along with what options are available to you; call your nearest FUE Clinics centre today.

How much does a hair transplant cost?


At FUE clinics, we offer a fixed fee of £6,250 for a hair transplant. Rather than charging for specific graft numbers, we’re committed to providing a service that is outcome-driven and suited for each individual patient.

As you might expect, hair loss affects each person differently, meaning no two surgeries will ever be exactly the same. However, once you’ve attended your first consultation, our trichologists will be able to examine the extent of your hair loss and be able to provide a much more accurate account of what options are available — all based purely on your individual situation.

Hair Transplant Consultation


The cost of a hair transplant varies from one patient to another and is in most cases impossible to determine without a consultation with one of our specialists.

To accurately determine the true cost of a hair transplant we first need to determine if this form of treatment is the most appropriate in your circumstance. We then need to assess the extent of your thinning/loss, the size of the area that requires treatment and determine which method of hair transplant is preferred or most advantageous. Only then will we be able to definitively offer a cost for the treatment. Analogy: You would not expect a carpet fitter to give you a price to supply and fit carpet for your hall, stairs and landing without first needing to measure up. The same principle applies to hair restoration. We do offer hair transplant finance repayment options to allow your increased repayment flexibility.

Yes. However, it is important to ensure that a hair transplant is performed correctly and that the donor hair is obtained from the permanent zone. This ensures that the hair follicles retain the dominating factor of being resilient to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone responsible for hair loss.

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