Hair Transplants – The Side Effects

  • 8th January 2021
  • 5 min read

So you are losing your hair and your confidence, you’ve decided to go ahead with a hair transplant. While it’s now considered a more routine surgery with over 650,000 hair transplants being carried out every year, it’s important that you consider the side effects of the hair transplant procedure.

Here at FUE we are a renowned hair transplant clinic who carry out hair loss treatments across the UK, we are experts in the field and have put together a list of common side effects that hair transplant patients may experience.

Hair Shedding

When you have a hair transplant, you would that your hair will become thicker and start to grow more, however the majority of hair transplant clients will lose a significant amount of hair first. This process is nothing to worry about and is referred to as ‘shedding’ its a normal process after a hair transplant. It happens as the hair root will get intact with the hair shaft, it will fall down and then growth will start again. Transplant hairs will fall out for around 2 to 3 weeks and the growth will be visible every 3 to 4 months. In some cases clients may be shocked at the loss of their hair after surgery, but there’s no need to be alarmed as it will grow back in a few months.


Whether you opt for a FUT – follicular unit transplant or a FUE – follicular unit extraction hair transplant, you will experience cuts and nicks on your skin which will result in blood loss. The majority of experienced doctors will make sure that your blood loss is minimal and where possible, they will control this with gauze. It’s important that you inform your surgeon if you are taking blood thinning medicines or suffering from bleeding illnesses.


Itching is a very common side effect and it’s very common, it’s seen in many hair transplant clients, the itching happens because scabs will form at the transplant site. The easiest cure is to spray a solution over the grafts and wash the scalp with medicated or mild shampoo a week after the surgery. The itching should go within a few days and can always be caused when minoxidil is used.


This is another side effect that tends to be common, it seems by many people who undergo hair transplants, but the swelling will vary from person to person. Some people may experience swelling on their forehead, while others may get it around their eyes. In some cases you may get clack eyes. The swelling will start to wear off after a few days, if it doesn’t, we advise that you contact your doctor.


Hair transplant procedures are surgical processes, whether it’s a FUE or FUT transplants, there’s bound to be pain. In the majority of cases your doctor will provide you with anesthesia and sedatives, however this is rare. Your surgeon will prescribe you with pain medication to avoid pain over the post op period. In some cases patients may experience a stretching sensation during their FUT hair transplant, you will be prescribed paracetamol for this.


Chances are you won’t get an infection especially if you choose a good surgeon and a renowned clinic like FUE Clinics. But in some cases you may get a slight infection, if this is the case, antibiotics will be prescribed.


While this will sound odd, hiccups is actually a side effect of hair restoration patients. It is very rare and will only last for a few days.


If you have had a FUE hair transplant procedure, then you will have very small micro scares, they will disappear in a few weeks, when new hair grows, the dot marks will be hidden. If you have undergone a FUT hair transplant then you will have a linear scar, proper hair growth will cover this, so there’s no need to worry.


Cysts will happen when buried grafts aren’t removed properly, mostly, cysts will appear like a cluster of pimples, there has only ever been a few cases where they are aggravated. Cysts will disappear over a few weeks, however if they don’t we recommend talking to your surgeon.

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