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Top 10 Tips for Finding the Right Hair Transplant Clinic

  • 12th January 2021
  • 7 min read

You don’t need a scientific study to know that men without baldness appear younger. Regardless, a recent study showed that people viewed men with full hair as being more approachable, successful, attractive, and youthful.

Hair loss can damage an ego in big ways, and many people may turn to a hair transplant clinic for the solution. If that’s you, then keep reading! Below we’ve compiled a quick list of things to consider when choosing a clinic.

Hair restoration is a choice that can impact your life in good or bad ways, depending on the quality of the procedure. Use these tips to make sure you invest in a qualified clinic that delivers real results:

1. Research Your Options

You can find a quality clinic through word of mouth or personal recommendation. This method is beneficial, as you can talk to someone with firsthand knowledge of the clinic. You won’t have to worry about ulterior motives.

Ask around and talk to people you trust to see if they have any insight. Alternatively, Google serves as today’s yellow pages, so a quick internet search will bring up your local options.

Whatever your method, make sure to weigh your options and learn about a handful of clinics before deciding on one.

2. Check for a Quality Website

Because we live in a digital age, businesses have to follow certain practices to keep up with customers and the market. One of the surest signs of a low-quality establishment is not having a website or having a poor one.

Businesses know that people are online, so websites act as a digital storefront for their services. You can help feel out your clinic options by scrolling their web pages and looking for poor design, confusing layout, or boring content.

A great hair transplant clinic website will be informational, easy-to-navigate, and free of clutter. It will look sleek and interactive, too.

3. Read Company Reviews

The web is full of information about businesses, including details the company may not have published themselves.

For instance, GlassDoor, a job-hunting site, offers company reviews for their users to get insightful perspectives before applying. There are whole organizations dedicated to accrediting businesses, especially those concerned with health.

Look for professional reviews of a clinic from other companies or organizations to try to get a well-rounded idea of their services.

4. Look for Customer Quotes and Testimonials

If hair-loss patients have achieved great results and gained back their confidence, they’ll likely want to share it with others. They’ll find forums or professional listings to leave comments and reviews. This is true of especially good or bad service.

Customer quotes will help give you a personal insight into the experience (depending on how biased and honest the reviewer is).

If customers are happy and glad about their experience, clinics will boast it with customer reviews right on their website.

5. Consider Company Procedures

When reviewing a website or professional listing, look at all the procedures offered by the clinic. Do they offer your procedure or any more advanced procedures? Any special perks to using their clinics over another?

A good indicator of a quality hair transplant clinic is their ability to accommodate many patients with a variety of offerings.

6. Ask About Pricing

One of the major determiners will be whether you can afford the procedure. If you think you’ve found a clinic that will work for you, make sure to ask a representative about pricing.

Find out the procedure price and ask if there are any fees for checkups or office visits. Compare prices they give with other clinics to find out if they’re upselling something they shouldn’t.

Payment plans are usually an option, so make sure to ask reps about all the ways you can pay so that you determine affordability.

7. Find Out if They Offer Aftercare

Once you’ve found a reputable clinic, find out the limits to their patient devotion. Does the clinic mention that they work with patients until they are 100% satisfied? Do they pride themselves on excellent aftercare services?

It’s common for these procedures to need checkups or quick-fixes to help patients achieve their desired results.

Find out if the clinic in question performs procedures and then turns patients out with any aftercare (or without free aftercare). Ask about aftercare and whether there will be extra fees for future visits.

8. Steer Clear of Questionable Deals

Sometimes a deal is too good to be true, and this is certainly the case in hair restoration. Many companies offer wild savings on speedy results, even though they take the same approach as other clinics.

If you’re attracted to a certain deal or offer, read the fine print. You can even go far as contacting the company for a little clarity on the details of their deals without worry.

You don’t want to wait around until the bill comes in to discover a bunch of tacked-on fees and charges.

9. Verify Specialists’ Accreditations

Many company websites will come with a directory or a “meet the employees” section, which can help you understand a clinic’s credentials.

You should be able to see right away if practitioners have certification and the schooling needed to perform hair transplants. Browse the staff information or ask about qualifications of employees during a consultation.

10. Feel Out Your Face-to-Face Consultation

This is the time to voice any concerns and get questions answered before the procedure. You can gauge the professionalism and quality of the clinic by dropping in and speaking with a representative.

Set a consultation before you book an appointment anywhere to help you feel out if the clinic is a right choice for you.

Quality Hair Restoration

If you’re on the hunt for a hair transplant clinic with a successful track record, look no further!

At FUE Clinics, we give each patient the opportunity to gain back their confidence and attractiveness with ease! For the past decade, our effect hair-restoration procedures have changed the lives of patients across the UK.

Contact us today to get a better understanding of our services, or else browse our FAQ page to get answers to all your preliminary questions!

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