Why Women Don’t Talk About Hair Loss

  • 11th January 2021
  • 4 min read

Common Problems for Women’s Hair Loss

For a woman no matter what your age losing your hair can lead to a stressful and traumatic time and for many women it isn’t often discussed and prefer to hide it away with wigs or headscarves.

We assume that for a woman to lose her hair is unusual and rare, yet women with thinning hair or a receding hairline isn’t as rare as you may think. It is just a hidden problem which isn’t widely discussed.

Around 40% of women suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives and for most women hair loss is temporary so there is no reason to have hair transplant surgery. But for a number of women hair loss is permanent and a hair transplant offers the only permanent solution to their problem that doesn’t require regular maintenance and upkeep such as extensions.


Just like men, women can be at the mercy of genetics when it comes to hair loss. There is a genetic link to hair loss, if any of the women in your family has thin hair or suffers hair loss there is a good chance that you will too. Around 20% of women suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, or hereditary pattern hair loss, women can inherit sensitivity to the effects of male hormones on the scalp and hair follicles causing thinning of the hair in the same way that it does with men. Androgenetic Alopecia is most commonly seen in women after the menopause but can occur in younger women and has even been known to begin in puberty.

Stress and Trauma

Stress is one of the biggest triggers of hair loss, stress can increase levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT – which, in turn, interrupts the hair growth cycle. Also, stress and trauma can lead to constricted blood supplies to the capillaries causing a lack of oxygen and nutrient intake, as well as poor vitamin absorption. Of course, women can take measures to avoid stress. This involves living more healthily: achieving a good work-life balance and eating and exercising well.


There are many medical issues that carry side effects, one of which is hair loss. Thyroid disease is just one of them. Also on the list are myotonic dystrophy, cancer and lupus. There are also a number of medications that can interrupt the hair growth cycle from birth control too steroids.

Life Style

Vast changes in hormones during pregnancy can lead to temporary hair loss. Menopausal women can experience hair loss when their hormone levels shift too. Major life events can also cause stress. Hair loss can also be lifestyle induced. It is important to live healthily to maintain a good head of hair in both sexes.

When you don’t eat enough food or avoid the necessary vitamins, your hair will lose the nutrients that make it strong and beautiful. Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins like iron and zinc.

Perhaps hair loss in women was an ignored and hidden problem for so long because it was assumed that it was part and parcel of a changing and ageing body. Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of and is treatable in many ways.

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