FUE Hair Transplants

Follicular Unit Extaction is one of the 2 primary methods of obtaining follicular units (naturally occuring groups of 1 – 4 hairs) for Hair Transplantation. The Alternative method is FUT, more commonly referred to as strip harvesting.

The significance of FUE is how the Follicular Units are obtained. FUE surgeons primary tool is referred to as a Micro Punch, a circular surgical blade that varies in diameter from 0.7mm to 1.25mm. The Micro Punch enables the Follicular Units to be individually excised from the scalp, with no discomfort and without leaving the patient with a linear scar.

There are still extremely few surgeons and practices which have mastered Follicular Unit Extraction because the procedure takes considerable time, expense and education to develop the ability to a superior standard. Something we at FUE Clinics are fortunate enough to be able to provide to all our patients.

Hair Transplantation is a surgical treatment that redistributes hair follicles from one section of your head to another. There are two methods of hair transplant technique that can be used to achieve this. It is important to remember the methods involved are focused on the extraction of the hair follicles. The process of transferring the hair follicles to the recipient area is identical.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the two methods of hair transplant surgery and has gained popularity over the last decade. This method removes hair follicles from the back of the scalp using a circular punch of varying diameter. The punch is designed to core out the whole follicular unit so that it can be removed safely and in perfect condition, to then be planted into the balding area.

Does FUE Result in Scarring?
Yes, it is essential to remember that anytime you break the surface of the skin a scar will always form. The more of dot-like scars you have over a fixed size, the more visible they may be.
Is an FUE Transplant permanent?
Yes, as long as the donor hair is removed from the ring of hair around the back and the sides of the scalp. The transplanted hair from this area will not fail and remain for life.
Does an FUE Transplant hurt?
It is essential to differentiate between pain and discomfort. Such a procedure uses a local anaesthetic to number the area that will be treated; you may inevitably experience some discomfort from these injections immediately. Still, as they begin to take effect, you will not feel anything other than the sensation of pressure. You may also experience discomfort in the next 24 hours after treatment as you transition from being under the influence of anaesthetic to not.
Is an FUE Transplant the best?
No, it is essential to realise that neither method of hair transplant is the best. FUE has both positives and negatives, its critical to way these up specifically to yourself. At FUE Clinics, we consider everything and determine which method is likely to be the most advantageous specify to your requirements..
FUT is more commonly referred to as strip surgery and is the longest-serving method of hair transplant spanning back decades and is still to date the most widely performed hair transplant treatment in the world. This method involves a narrow strip of hair-bearing tissue to be removed from the back of the scalp. Once removed the wound is closed using a special trichophytic stitch to reduce tension and minimise scarring. The tissue removed is dissected under stereo-microscope into individual follicular units which will then be transplanted safely into the balding area.
Is a FUT transplant safe?
Yes, as long as your surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon with a solid reputation in performing surgery.
Is FUT Transplantation, also known as Strip Surgery?
Yes, the word "strip" is often associated with this method as it involves removing a narrow strip of tissue from the back of the scalp.
How much does a FUT transplant cost?
The cost will always vary from one provider to another. More often than not FUT is considered to be cheaper and inferior to FUE,this is not true. It is just a way for some providers to mislead you as they do not offer the fullest range of treatments. Price should not be the determining factor when considering a hair transplant least of all the method. As a hair loss sufferer, you will always have the goal of achieving the desired result; it will be the expertise and experience of the provider that will achieve this. Anything short of meeting your expectation will render the price of treatment, insignificant. At FUE Clinics, we always remain objective and do not differentiate on price from one method to another.

Above we detail the basics of the two methods of hair transplant surgery and how the extraction is performed, highlighting the difference between the two. The technique of transplanting the hair follicles into the recipient area is identical. Anaesthetic will be locally applied to numb the area. A tiny micro-blade is then used to create lateral incision which the hair follicles harvested will then be planted in to. The incisions are created using several considerations; direction, angle, orientation and placement to ensure that the result achieved is the most natural result achievable.