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Eyebrows frame the face and can always make a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves. When it comes to wanting an eyebrow transplant in Manchester there are many reasons why we might consider this, this includes overplucking, illness, trauma, scarring and genetics. In order to address the problem effectively and efficiently, the actual cause of your hair loss must be clarified. Extreme eyebrow loss dates to the ’90s and early ’00s, this era saw the bushy brow disappear, leaving many with damaged hair follicles that are no longer available to grow. Whereas other visit FUE clinics due to natural thinning or are affected by hereditary hair loss meaning their shape and size is affected. Eyebrow replacement surgery in Manchester can give you a natural-looking healthy, full brow. The brow restoration process is a straightforward one, and it is often hard for other people to work out what has changed about your appearance, as the results are so subtle. With a micro-punch that is nearly the diameter of the follicular units, donor hair can be extracted without damaging neighbouring tissue or leaving visible scars.

For several years, the professional team at FUE Clinics have been restoring eyebrows across Manchester. At FUE Clinics we offer a revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure for eyebrows. We can help to build a thinning or damaged eyebrow, or even create a more natural-looking, realistic eyebrow for those with no hair at all. For more information on how FUE Clinics can help you or for any more questions on eyebrow transplants in Manchester be sure to contact the team at FUE Clinics today!

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Eyebrow Transplants Manchester – What to Expect?

The eyebrow procedure is straightforward and requires no prolonged hospital stay and only a local anaesthetic, an eyebrow transplant is a relatively simple process.

The surgeon will work with extreme accuracy and precision in order to achieve great results. On average between 250 and 400 individual hairs are required per eyebrow in order to obtain a natural, healthy-looking brow.

Depending on the size and appearance of the current eyebrow as well as the look you are hoping to achieve, this actual number could vary.

Each hair needs to be transplanted following the natural growth direction of the other hairs of the eyebrow, making sure that they lie flat against the skin.

To achieve an even and full look to the eyebrow, the hairs also need to be placed very tightly together. To make sure that there is no scarring to both the head and the recipient’s eyebrow tiny needles are used to remove the donor hair follicles.

Typically, donor hair follicles are removed from the area behind the ears. Small needles, just a few millimetres in diameter are then used to implant the hairs one at a time; this is a meticulous process.

A local anaesthetic is administered before the procedure so that the patient is able to relax and in order to avoid discomfort.

There is no need, however, to remain in the clinic following the transplant – the patient can return home to recover.

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Eyebrow Transplant vs. Microblading

Weighing your options?

If you’re looking for a long-term eyebrow boost, then you’ll no doubt want to consider microblading. Rather than implanting hair follicles, microblading uses permanent makeup to create the appearance of a fuller eyebrow.

Although this treatment has grown in popularity over the past few years, it’s an age-old technique.

With microblading, a specialist will insert pigments into the top layer of the skin using a hand-held tool with attached needles in order to fill in areas of the brow where the hair is thin or missing.

The specialist will take great care to ensure that each hair is drawn on to mimic the look of real hair, with careful attention paid to dimension and shadowing.

The primary difference between microblading and an eyebrow transplant is that microblading is semi-permanent, lasting only 6 to 18 months with proper aftercare.

Microblading is also significantly more affordable than an eyebrow transplant.

However, because microblading uses cosmetic tattoo pigments and transplants to use actual follicles, you’re more likely to achieve a more natural result with a transplant.


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If you find yourself suffering from eyebrow hair loss in Manchester, then be sure to get in touch with the team at FUE Clinics. We offer our eyebrow transplant services to both men and women across Manchester and the surrounding areas, our doctors will do their utmost best to ensure you achieve a more fuller looking eyebrow. For more information on our eyebrow restoration surgery be sure to get in touch with the experts at FUE Clinics today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrow Transplants in Manchester

Eyebrow transplantation is a very safe procedure. It is a surface procedure, meaning that no deep structures are penetrated. Given the very vascular nature of the scalp and brow area, infections are exceptionally rare. Some swelling may develop around the eyes for a day or two. There may be some pain or discomfort related to injections to numb the area, but the procedure itself is painless. After the procedure when the anaesthetic wears off, pain and discomfort are minimal.

Generally, eyebrow transplantation takes around 4 hours. Approximately half of this time is harvesting the follicles, and the other half is implanting the follicles. With larger grafting cases that exceed 500 follicles, it may take slightly more time.

Generally, the hair for eyebrow transplantation is taken (harvested) from the back of the head or nape of the neck. This is referred to as the donor site. Hair here will have to be shaved prior to grafting. Shaving is performed in the office just prior to the procedure. Most women can easily cover up the shaved region with their hair if it is of adequate length.

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